St.Mark's School Cochin
"The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.."
--- Anatole France
St.Marks School - Cochin

The "Gold Stars" Program

St. Mark’s is pleased to announce the launching of the “Gold Stars” Program as part of our education program for your child.

The “Gold Stars” program is a Value Education program sponsored by the institute and focused on teaching and instilling strong etiquette/manners and moral values in your child and in the process creating a well rounded and holistic individual.

The program seeks to instill every day etiquette and manners in the children through a creative and fun way and build these into their everyday habits. In this way, your child develops a well rounded personality that makes them a better human being and better prepares them to confidently face the real world.

The program instills these qualities through class room lectures, demonstrations, role plays and fun games so that your child enjoys the process and in this way the objective is reinforced more effectively.

The school runs competitions where students are rewarded with “Gold Stars” for showing and following good etiquette and manners based on what is being thought. In this way, your child enjoys the process while learning at the same time. Click here to see photos.