Life as St. Mark’s is all about preparing one’s self to meet the challenges of an ever changing world and to be successful and value additive as an Innovative Citizen of tomorrow.

The school has been a leading institution in terms of New Age approaches to education and in this regard has pioneered the STEP Approach to education and has evolved the model from 2008 onwards.

The STEP Model is a collaborative approach that seeks to enhance the existing curriculum that is followed at St. Mark’s and is activity centric.

Through the STEP Model, the school offers a host of activities that and focused and giving your child a Holistic Development experience that goes beyond the standard curriculum.

SPORTS – The Sports program at St. Mark’s is New Age in approach and seeks to engage the children in a fun and exciting manner, so that Healthy Living becomes a Way of Life for them. The Sports program offers both outdoor and indoor activities for your child and enables them to engage in activities that best suit them and which they enjoy.

The school has a professional sports advisory team that consists of certified coaches that help structure and evolve the program to meet the specific and changing needs of your child.

The school is also actively involved in Grass Roots talent development in the community through its outreach initiatives.

TECHNOLOGY – At St. Mark’s, we are sensitive to the increasingly crucial and important role that Technology is playing in our everyday lives and how it is shaping the lives of our children of tomorrow.

In order to sensitise our students to this reality and at the same time make them technology friendly, the school offers Robotics and Science classes right from the Kindergarten level. These experiences are structured in a fun way that allows your child to enjoy the learning experience and at the same time develop a positive attitude towards science and technology.

The school has developed a curriculum in this regard in collaboration with Robotics educators from the USA and Middle East.

EDUCATION – The Education component of the STEP Model is addressed by our Quality Holistic Education program.

PERSONALITY – As part of the holistic development of your child at St. Mark’s, we place a lot of emphasis on the Emotional Quotient of a child and on their personality development.

The school offers programs that help develop leadership qualities, cultural and heritage knowledge, social and life skills and human value qualities.

All these are learnt and experience through real world activities that allow the children to fully understand what they are learning, thereby developing value citizens of tomorrow.

Through these activities, the school ensures that both the Intellectual and Human sides of your child are developed in a holistic manner.